Our fees

At W1 we have always put massive emphasis on not exploiting actors and trying to make things as affordable as we can, hence offering a part time intensive course rather than a full time one which allows you to still work.

We have worked this course out at approximately £60 per day, which makes the fee for the year £7,400. We feel this represents extremely good value and comes in at over half the price of many 1 year courses being offered elsewhere.

We would require £1,000 on acceptance of your place and the full fee would be due prior to the start date of the course in September 2018.

As we have chosen to only work with 14 students for this year we must ensure all payments are met in order to offer the course at this fee.

We are currently in the process of setting up scholarship places and more news on this is to be announced.

After working with so many actors post training from Musical Theatre courses whose acting skills have needed so much extra work we are set on the core of our course being based in acting so whatever you do after you leave us, whether it be acting or musical theatre, you feel free and confident to approach all of these from the same truthful place.

We are not branding this a Musical Theatre Course or Acting Course. This course will be suitable for you if you have an ambition to go into acting or musical theatre, however please note there is heavy focus on singing technique as there is acting technique, so if you don't feel in anyway musically inclined this course may not be for you, however if both is something you’d like to do you will be equipped to do so.