SUNDAY 17th OCTOBER 2021 10-6pm
with Nancy Sullivan & David Thaxton

Not performed in a while?  Feeling a little lost coming out of lockdown?
Maybe you've discovered new talents and are feeling that you don't know where your focus is?

We are all at such different places right now readjusting again to life & work post-pandemic. But you're here, you've made it through and if you're reading this you probably want some focus and inspiration... Well you're in the right place.
Leave motivated, reconnected to your talent and having made new discoveries.

Connecting mind and body to bring us to the best place for the rest of the day.
Incorporating yoga and movement to power us up and get us warm, whilst at the same time letting go of tension, stretching everything out and bringing body and mind together with breath work and meditation.
Different levels of intensity offered and you're free to take it at your own pace.

Looking back at the last two years as well as where you were before lockdown, you will be asked triggering questions to journal on during the session, the aim being to reconnect with where you are now, what you want now,  who you are post-lockdown, what beliefs did you have pre 2020 that you can let go of that no longer serve you or are relevant?  
Lets reconnect with ourselves.

Who doesn't want to get back to this?
Scenarios thrown at you, devising together, thinking on your acting feet and creating some gorgeous scenes along the way through improvisation with an audience again!

A two hour performance blast, bring a monologue or song of your choice that you have prepared and perform it to the group, a opportunity to bring something of your choice you love or that challenges you. This is a shorter performance class with the aim to dust off those nerves, get used to an audience again and  have some constructive notes to go forward with.

You will be sent a scene two days before the class, carefully selected for you based on your spotlight profile/CV and from  a contemporary play.  These scenes will be performed to the group with direction given during the sessions. A chance to discover new texts and get back to bringing text to life.

An exciting part of the day, ending with tasks and prompting questions going forward, to take action on what you'd now like to achieve from the morning's discoveries. Leave with direction, advice and most importantly, rediscovering you now.

Location - FH SPACE, FOREST HILL. A 2 minute walk from Forest Hill station.
Prices are £65 for regular W1 Students & £70 for new students.
Please email us to book on - - or use the Paypal links below

Hope to see you soon!
Nancy & David xx


New Students (£70 + Paypal fee)

Regular Students (£65 + Paypal fee)

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