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"As well as knowing Nancy and David socially I had the pleasure of working for them at W1 as one of their vocal coaches.

I love working with the voice, but at the time was very disillusioned as a performer- frustrated, fed up and chasing the wrong dreams.

They encouraged me to participate in a 4 day workshop in the summer 2019, and the rest is history.

They challenged, nurtured and encouraged and made me see things from a new angle. They introduced me to a fantastic new agent a top casting director & 2months later I started rehearsals at the prestigious Leeds Playhouse, now over the covid hurdle I have just been cast in a West End revival for 2022.

They have made NEW dreams come true"


West End Actor

“I had very few contacts and practically no network when I moved to London only 3 years ago. W1 not only provided great workshops to work on my rep, trial different choices, make mistakes and get insightful, useful feedback, but they also became my community. I was able to be seen by top industry professionals who would otherwise never have seen me, and I am now represented by an excellent agency and in a major West End show. W1 provided the opportunities, and I was prepared and determined enough to take them. I will continue to hone my skills and work with them, and recommend others do as well, no matter what stage in your career.”


Mamma Mia! (West End), now represented by Grantham Hazeldine

"The amount of care & nurture that's put into the workshops, joined with a wealth of knowledge and experience make them a must for anyone needing guidance and direction in their career, I'll always come back to W1."


Heathers, UK Tour

"It is thanks to the uncommonly insightful and incisive teaching of Nancy Sullivan and David Thaxton that I am fortunate enough to feel ready and prepared for any audition that may be thrown at me, whatever notice I am given. It is also thanks to their relentless enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for their subject that I have made great steps toward being a more connected and technically able performer. The classes they provide are specifically targeted to provide high-quality professional development in areas that are genuinely relevant and in-demand for young performers, whether student or professional and, of course, they are affordable. I have not only gained teachers but also mentorship and friendship from Nancy and David and their successes are continually reflected in their students, many of whom have gained top representation and many of whose faces now populate leading drama schools and west end shows such as ‘Les Miserables’, ‘Mamma Mia’ and many others. I couldn’t recommend their workshops enough.”


My Fair Lady (West End)

"The best decision I made back in Summer of 2012 was going to W1 Workshops.  I had never done anything like it and the idea, to be honest, it terrified me. 

Fast forward to now I am working professionally in the industry. I wouldn't be doing this without them. It has been the most wonderful journey with W1 Workshops. They create an encouraging safe and comfortable atmosphere. You meet great people in the industry from directors to casting directors and MDs. They are working actors themselves so they completely get it and they know how it all works which is evident in the quality of their workshops and the guests. 

They are approachable and easy to talk to, over the years they have helped me immensely. I haven't found anywhere else that lives up to W1 and at such an affordable price. I still go now, they will never get rid of me! Just go for it! It will be the best decision you make I have never looked back. Thank you W1 for everything."


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time (West End), Wildfire (Hampstead Theatre)

"My experience at W1 was quite simply fantastic. At the time I was deciding which drama school to attend. The prospect of  committing to a life career, especially in Musical Theatre, was intimidating. Not only was I given ample advice about which drama school would suit me, I was treated to excellent training filled with 'eureka' moments and strong, honest feedback. I got to meet all sorts of people in the industry, including casting directors, choreographers and actors, all of which gave useful guidance in developing my abilities; and one of which, Killian Donnelly, I am now performing alongside in Les Miserables. 

Whether you're looking to hone your skills as an actor or taking your first steps into the business, I would highly recommend W1WORKSHOPS. I've met wonderful people that I'm still in contact with and the choices I made as a result of attending steered me toward the success I enjoy today."


Enjolras, Les Miserables (West End)

'I honestly can't recommend training with Nancy enough! She is incredibly encouraging and supportive. I've done a number of her courses now and I have seen a huge improvement in not only my acting but also my confidence in what I do and what I can achieve. 


The Complete 5 course is really well structured, there's a new focus each week so it doesn't ever feel repetitive. After each session I always felt more empowered and itching to start the task set for the week. I've been able to really push myself with Nancy's support and she creates a very safe space to feel comfortable enough to do this. 


I really loved that there was a focus on well being too. It's so easy in this business to get bogged down with the job and the rejection. However on this course Nancy had a brilliant way of making you accountable for how you approach the job and think about how you can make things happen for yourself but also to take care of yourself, which is so important. There needs to be a balance and thanks to this course I now have a much better work/life balance and am taking more control over my career.



"If you're looking for the best workshops around I can't recommend these enough! Literally owe everything to these two!"


Six, UK Tour

"Nancy & David provide an incredibly supportive and comfortable environment in which to learn and develop your skills. They and their visiting practitioners are at the top of their field and I would highly recommend W1 to anyone wanting to learn from the best."


"W1WORKSHOPS offers focused yet fun training in an extremely supportive environment which really enables true talent to shine through.


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