Your weekly drop in performance class

TUESDAYS 10.30-1pm

Welcome, you have found you're way back to where you want to be and what you want to do be doing.


We are introducing our weekly Performance Hub, providing you each week with an opportunity to drop in and work on a chosen piece - be it a song, monologue, something you've written or anything you'd like to showcase and get detailed professional direction on. 

This hub is your space where there are  no limits to what can be brought, learnt and achieved.

These will be live performance classes and you'll be working with founders Nancy Sullivan & David Thaxton.


The performance hub is here for you as you need it. Want to come every week and book all 5 weeks? Great, sign up! Can only do 1 class ? That's fine. Use this space as you need it and how works for you right now.


Nancy & David will direct your chosen piece and you'll have time to be back in your community with the inspiration to remember what we're all waiting to return to.


These Tuesdays will give you a focus and an opportunity to perform each week and reconnect actively with your industry, as well as the continued support from Nancy & David.


The sessions will run Tuesdays 10.30-1pm, depending on numbers they may be a little shorter.











Book onto which sessions work for you, but do to it advance to be sure you get the benefit to prepparing for it! 

Drop us a line with what dates you want to sign up for!

Sending love & patience,

Nancy & David x



TUESDAYS 10.30-1pm

FEBRUARY 2nd/ 9th/16th/23rd & 2nd MARCH.

Book onto the dates that work for you!

£20 per session or £90 for all 5!