Welcome! I'm so pleased you've found your way here.

There are so many online classes at the moment it can be overwhelming, so here is exactly what to expect with WALK IT OUT and you can decide if it's right for you.


I started Walk It Out after being determined to keep my Nan mobile during lockdown, then my Mum joined, then my mother in law and so on.


Walk It Out is exactly what it says - we're power walking to different beats of the music together with some good arm movements, getting a sweat on if we choose. There is no jumping or anything too hard on the joints, this class is designed for those new to exercise or feeling they can't get those steps in during lockdown. After 30 minutes of being on our feet we do some pilates exercises, finding strength in muscles we may not be using at the moment so we also get that toning element for those unwanted wobbly areas. We end the class with some gentle yoga (don't be put off, it's very simple) just loosening up our lower backs and areas which are prone to get tight at the moment and cause problems later on.


This class isn't right for you if you're advanced with fitness, that's my MONDAY WARRIORS class (check it out!). This class isn't aimed at a specific age, just a group of people who want to get a sweat on, burn some calories and keep their bodies strong and looked after without all the jumping up and down.


This is a free class, you're welcome to make an optional donation if you like, a coffee would be lovely thank you, but more importantly I want us to stay healthy and avoid body problems after lockdown!

Please email if you'd like to join and if you'd like to donate anything at any point during our sessions together just click the link below. Thank you in advance!

Please download Zoom before the session.



Nancy xx