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It's been a while... How are you feeling about being back in the room?

12th & 13th JUNE 2021


The world is coming back, our industry is returning... READY?


Join us for this brilliant Weekend Comeback, be fully supported, practiced and reconnected to your talent over these 2 days.


This weekend course is designed after us having had over a year not being in the room & performing live and mainly a year of virtual auditions. For many of us it's been a lonely year with adrenaline filled performances...from the waist up.


So we invite you to prepare for your return.



  • 1 Performance class - Bringing a piece of your choice to perform and work on, this can be a song or monologue (you will be accompanied if you choose a song)

  • 1 live audition to prep for based on your Spotlight - Material will be sent out a few days before the course, chosen for you individually

  • Scene work - Contemporary scenes will be given out based on your casting to work on over the two days

  • Improvisation - Yes let's jump in and have some fun!

  • The Reassess - We have all changed over the last year and you may not be coming back to the industry how you left it. We will be looking at who we are now, reassessing roles, aims, beliefs and working from a place of NOW - looking back on changes that may have taken place and going forward

  • Industry talk and advice

  • Mindfulness and wellbeing time

  • 1 optional fitness class-  You will sweat , all levels welcome (1hour)

  • 1 optional yoga class - All levels welcome (1 hour)

  • All classes run by W1 founders and award winning actors, Nancy Sullivan & David Thaxton. There will be an additional yoga instructor & pianist.

Spending these two uninterrupted days with your talent will leave you feeling focussed in how to go forward and well-exercised both mentally and physically.


The lovely FH SPACE in Forest Hill, a 2 minute walk from the station in Zone 3 Easy access from London Bridge and the London Overground.

£135 in total for regular students.

This includes students who have done a course with us in the last 12 months.

£140 for new students 

There are a maximum of 12 actors on the course.

Please CLICK HERE to book:


                Regular students                                                      New students


Or alternatively email us at info@w1workshops.com.